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Intermediate Filemaker - Multi-Day Course

Prerequisite: Introduction to FileMaker

In this 2-day course, participants experienced with FileMaker Pro 13.0 
will continue to build upon their knowledge with the objectives 
indicated below. In addition, the course covers the specific interests 
and questions of the participants.


-  Enter data accurately and completely
-  Create good-looking layouts quickly and efficiently
-  Create pop-up lists, pop-up menus, radio buttons, and check boxes, 
   to enable faster and more accurate data entry
-  Perform calculations using numbers, dates and text
-  Create reports with subtotals and grand totals
-  Write scripts that automate your database
-  Create buttons that launch scripts or commands
-  Define relationships, understanding how they help you make your
   database more accurate and useful
-  Display related fields, to supplement the data on the current record
-  Create portals, to bring in data from related fields

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