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Development Conversations (WebEx)

Audience: All

What are the ingredients of an effective career development conversation? 
Why do these conversations matter?  What is expected when you are having a
development conversation?  Work is so important in our lives that thinking
about this type of discussion can be daunting for both managers and staff.

If you're a staff member, how do you introduce the topic with your manager,
and once you have scheduled the conversation, then what?  What is your
role?  If you are a manager, how do you introduce the topic with your staff
member (without spooking them into thinking you are trying to give them a
hint to leave), and what exactly is expected of you?

What you'll learn:

-  Why it's important to have periodic career development conversations
-  How to set a good context for and ask for the conversation
-  What is the role of the manager, and what is the role of the employee 
   in these talks?
- How should each person prepare?  What are the basic expectations of a 
   good development conversation?

A recorded version of this webinar is available via the Watch and Learn 
link below under Career Development.

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